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About Mary:

Mary Cronos is a 28 years old student, living in Germanys Capital, Berlin. She loves creating pictures for others - no matter if through a drawing, photo, design or written story. Therefore she founded an art-business in July 2013: Colors of Cronos. Besides that and her studies in Theology she also supports several charities worldwide with her work. One of her projects to do so is Mission:Change.

As a writer she is focussing on fantasy and crime novels of different kinds. She loves to give all her books a special touch. Sadly until now her books are available in German only, but she would be delighted to expand and entertain also the English speaking world.


About Nafishur:

"Don't trust anybody."

"Never feel safe."

Two of the lessons, Dariel was teached by his father from early childhood on. Both of them know a bit more about our world than the most people. They are vampire-hunters. They protect other humans from those dangerous and soulless creatures. At least that's what they believe. But what happens if a hunter has to face his greatest fear and to handle a life that he wasn't even able to imagine before? What if being the thing you hate the most in this world is still the most normal thing among all that will happen to you? ~ What would you do, if your whole world turned up-side-down? If nothing was like before? If everything you learned in your life seemed to be wrong? Would you take heart and explore this world? Would you take heart and see the truth?

Nafishur tells the story of Dariel, Cara and Ginga, who accidentally met each other and even if their new life in "partnership" wasn't the easiest, they had to stay together to survive what will happen to them: Magic, vampires, dragons and a whole new world with a lot of strange creatures. Nafishur Praeludium is the first volume of a series. It is the prelude of the story and takes place in Paris. 

There are two special ideas about this bookseries. The first thing: This story is told from two points of view: Cara's and Dariel's. You can choose whose story you want to follow. To say it with a certain chocolate-advertisement: Both stories are similar, but different as their maincharacters. After publishing, the books are sharing nothing but the writer and the design of their spines. Try both and pick a side!

Dariel Nafishur Excerpt

Until now Nafishur Praeludium is only available in German. I would love to publish my novel in English too. Therefore I need your help. Soon I will start a crowdfunding project and I am counting on you to fulfill my goal and get enough money for a good translation. If you are interested in supporting me, please sign in for my newsletter so I will be able to inform you, as soon as the crowdfunding will start.


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